Tuesday, 3 July 2012

On the Cucurbit front

Patriotic Potatoes revisited
I have been totally perplexed of late. Viewing figures for my blog have rocketed and I haven't been able to work out why. While it's nice to think that anybody would want to read about what we do here at Swallow Farm, I'm no self-publicist (thought the Sex In The Strawberry Bed post was a shameless attempt at increasing viewing figures!) So why should Patriotic Potatoes storm ahead of all other posts?? And why would I get more hits from Germany than from the UK?
Yes, my flag made of three varieties of potato was ingenious, witty and original... Apparently not!

For I googled Patriotic Potatoes in search of explanation. Turns out I'm not the first person to think of it. In fact Patriotic Potatoes is a celebratory American dish. And tomorrow's date...
And Germany? I guess they still have all those American bases there?

I do hope my flood of recent visitors haven't been too disappointed with what they found.

Oh, forgot to say for tomorrow..

Happy Fisherman's day to all in The Marshall Islands.
Happy Family day to all those in Lesotho.
Happy day of Agwe to all Haitians.
And a very Happy Birthday to Queen Sonja of Norway.

Reckon I may just have hit on a plan to up the blog hits!!!

On the Cucurbit front
The squashes, pumpkins and courgettes always take a bit of a knock when planted outside. It's not unusual to lose a few. Stems wither, leaves yellow, slugs attack, grey mould appears. This year I've given them as much help as I can, protection, goodness, special planting sites, rainy slug hunts...

And it seems to be working. Today I found flourishing green leaves and even a couple of flowers. One was growing so well it pushed it's milk carton protection right off the ground!
I'm not setting my hopes too high yet, but if we get some sunshine things may just turn out well on the cucurbit front.

Tuesday 3rd July
and tomorrow is...

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