Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Snippets of optimism from the veg patch

Wednesday 27th June 2012

Pot Marigolds 
brighten up the veg patch.

A Pot Marigold
catches the morning dew.
When a day starts like this, optimism pokes it head above the soil! Today the sun shone and all seemed good in the veg patch. In truth, it's all still a bit bare, but there are hints of what is to come.
Flowers are appearing, just a sprinkling at the moment, a few welcome splashes of colour and the first crops are developing.
Sugarsnap Peas
in flower
Ezethas Krombek Blau
Purple Mangetout
A beautiful plant.

Baby peas!

The peas have done particularly well and I am already plucking sugarsnap peas and crunching them as I work.
Showers of purple mangetout pods hang delicately amid the beautiful crimson and lilac flowers and the garden peas are beginning to swell in their pods.
The first Sugarsnaps.
Gardening snacks.
A tangle of peas
starting to pod up.
Allium alley.

Asparagus gathering strength
for next year.

Broad bean flowers.

The first few broad beans are just about ready to pick as their flowers attract a wealth of bees.
The first broad beans
lurk beneath the leaves.

A parsnip survivor from
last year flowers
through the potatoes
The first runner bean
flowers. Painted Lady

Finally the runner beans are starting to wind their way up their wigwam canes and their leaves are turning dark green. Their growth should increase logarithmically from now.

Even the dwarf beans have fared a little better than I feared. Hours of slug-bashing seems to be paying off and has given the emerging plants the upper hand. But, lest optimism takes too firm a grip, I have sown a multitude of beans into paper pots to fill the gaps and cover for any further losses. 
California Poppy
catches the sunlight.

French Sorrel in flower.

California Poppy
This sprite should self-seed
through the veg patch
in future years.

As the year goes on, I'll be introducing more and more flowers and herbs to the veg patch, to turn it into my vision of  a potager, a lush veg patch full of explosions of colour and scent.

It's happening little by little.

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