Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Now where did I put that important document?

My smallholding is well-organised. I may fall behind in my tasks, but on the whole I run a tidy ship. The same cannot be said for my office and my paperwork. Today I did not venture outside after sunrise, for the time had come to sort out what was beginning to resemble a hoarder's room.

There was a most definite spur to this action, for I could not find my car documents anywhere and the tax ran out at the end of May. (Actually only 1 day overdue, as all the rest of the days have been bank holiday). I did try to renew it on time, just, but I needed the documents or it would be a trip to my 'local' DVLA office. These documents may well be in amongst the piles of unfiled bank statemnets, receipts and bills. On the other hand, they could have slipped in amongst all the smallholding and gardening catalogues. Or I could even have put them somewhere safe! That would be the worst. I used to put things at the bottom of the wardrobe, or at the back of my sock draw, so today's super sort-out began in the bedroom. I emptied every drawer and cupboard, taking advantage of the opportunity to have a good chuck out. Anything not worn for 2 years and, more relevant, anything with enough tears and rips to render it indecent to wear, got thrown.

Then, inch by inch, document by document, I sorted through the study, transferring financial records onto my well organised but oft neglected budget spreadsheet. I started this at 3 this morning, as the urgency of finding that V5C was playing on my mind. At 4.30 I went out to let the chickens out and to see the sunset, and what a stunner it was.
Tuesday 5th June 2012

At 6 o'clock the program closed itself and I lost 3 hours work! Lesson learned...until next time. Old programs do not automatically save as you go along.

It's now 5.30 in the evening and I've just found the V5C at the bottom of the second to last pile of papers. Looking on the bright side, I've just done about a year's worth of paperwork and the office, as well as my bedroom drawers, looks stunning.

Now to go out onto the farm and see what's been happening. Rumour has it that Sue's put four eggs under another hen. No wonder we're not getting many eggs, what with two broodies and three in heavy moult. Mind you, a little patience and we should be rewarded.

Oh, and Sue's been scrumping, if that word's not exclusive to fruit trees, in Don's rhubarb patch. She's found a recipe for Rhubarb and Ginger jam.

Tomorrow morning, the possibility of something special in the sunrise...

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