Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Is Fencing still an Olympic Sport?

If so I want a medal.  And if it is, do they have to run the gauntlet of the geese?

This is to be my extension to the veg plot, to house the polytunnel. Although we've hardly any rabbits this year, the rest of the plot was laboriously rabbit-fenced last year. This means trenching in the bottom of the fence, making the job take about three times as long. It would be foolhardy to skimp on effort for the last little bit.

At least our land, reclaimed from the sea as it was at some point in the past, has stoneless soil. And with it being generously watered for the last two months, getting the spade in was not a problem.
I always start by marking out the area to be fenced, ramming the post into the ground by hand so they at least stand up.

There ensues much walking up and down the line, squinting along the posts and making adjustments so that they are roughly in a straight line.
(Two people would be ideal for this).

I then use the post rammer (gets the muscles nicely pumped up) to drive the posts half way in before digging the trench out. At this point they can still easily be shoved and kicked into an upright position, or even extracted from the ground and shifted if need be. Finally I drive the posts almost all the way home.

Now the job has to stop until Saturday, when I'm picking up the telegraph posts and railway sleepers which will act as my gate posts. Being the strongest posts, dug furthest into the ground and secured by tamping hardcore all around them, they make an obvious straining post for one end of the wire. The posts at the other end will require diagonal struts to stop them being pulled inwards.

Hopefully the weather will be half decent at the weekend and I'll be able to show you the next steps towards my completed fence.

After that, we just need a warm, windless day and the polytunnel can go up. Some time in 2013 then I'm guessing!

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