Friday, 8 June 2012

An Egg Thief

Friday 8th June 2012
The heavens opened.
I'm no fair weather gardener. I've taken my fair share of drenchings in the rain, buffetings by the wind and even peltings by hail stones. But I'm no fan of days when these elements combine.
For some reason I was up at 3 this morning, so I decided to scan the internet in search of a fencing and gate supplier. I was hoping to get everything I needed from one place, and the best I came up with was over the other side of Melton Mowbray.

So I set to work planning what I needed. I could get everything from here and their prices seemed very favourable compared to others.
After a break for the sunrise photo and another for feeding the animals, I had finally compiled my list of requirements. Two 9ft gates (10 foot if they could deliver), four 4ft gates, 40 posts, latches and hinges for six gates (the ironwork is a significant part of the cost), 100m of rabbit fencing and 25kg of straining wire.
My preference would be to view what I was buying, but it seemed silly to go all the way without the trailer. On the other hand, the trailer bounces all over the place when it's empty, especially on bumpy fenland roads, so I prefer to use it only for short journeys. Come opening time, I phoned to enquire about availability and everything was in stock...just. Delivery was possible, at a price, but by now I had decided to take the chance and hope that I could fit everything in the trailer.
By the mood of the sky at sunrise, there was obviously a lot of moisture in the air and it was only a matter of time before it came down in bucketloads, so a shopping trip seemed like the best way to spend the day. We headed inland through genteel country villages, all their houses hewn from the same, sandy stone. And just as we arrived at the impressive yard, the heavens opened. But I was in a sweetshop and nothing was going to spoil the fun.

Fortunately the shorter posts just about fitted in the back of the car,
as the trailer was full to the brim.

An Egg Thief
The hens' egg production has plummeted recently and I have been a little concerned. I could see possible reasons for a reduction, but we are now down to one or two eggs a day. Thoughts of disease were entering my head, but Sue has possibly discovered a more sinister explanation...cannibalism!
Chickens will eat eggs if they find one broken and that's just part of nature's recycling. However, every now and again a hen learns that inside those hard shells lies a tasty treat. And so it was that sue returned from the hen house with tales of Elvis and White Broody Number Two with egg on their beaks.
Now White Broody Number Two is sitting on eggs right next to here the others lay. Has she been secretly leaning over and helping herself? It would explain a lot.

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