Thursday, 10 May 2012

A New Barrow

Wednesday 9th May 2012
Thursday 10th May 2012

A New Barrow
Today I bought this geese barrow, with the intention of making it into a portable 
stall for selling our goods at the farm gate.

Sue enjoyed going for a ride on it! I'm not sure why this one is called a geese barrow, but the smaller one I have is a goat barrow.
More pig spuds
Also picked up another trailer load of potatoes for the pigs. With 8 hungry mouths to feed now, it won't last very long, but it does make a contribution.
Was a bit surprised to find that the bloke to whom I hired Gerald, who had casually asked me in conversation where I got my potatoes, had gone straight round and inferred that I had sent him, so nabbing half of my pig potatoes! Considering that I had done him a big favour with the boar, I was not too impressed, especially from a fellow smallholder.
Maybe there was just a misunderstanding. Who knows?

A new chick
On a brighter note, our first chick, one of the Welsummers in the lovely dark brown eggs, hatched today, bang on cue. No signs of life from the other eleven eggs though. An 8.5% success rate would be an all time low, but there's still time.

Gerry has been fascinated by the scent of lily flowers, as you can see!

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