Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Siege Is Over.

Happy Easter!
Friday 6th April 2012
Easter Friday
Saturday 7th April

Meanwhile, Gerry is 'looking after' the real chicks.

A cold start to Easter Friday, with a thick layer of ice on the chicken's drinking water. But with rain forecast over the next few days, I was keen to get Mr Rotavator working again. If we get a few days of rain, it'll be over a week before I can get those maincrop spuds in.
Unfortunately, the rain we had on Wednesday had made the earth too sticky and the tines of the rotavator quickly became a ball of sticky mud.

So, Plan B.
For a while now the pair (I think!) of geese have been confined to the stable block. However, the gander(??)'s leg has now all but healed and they need to be back out feeding on grass and free to wander and stretch their wings. So I tentatively opened the gate and let the five geese mix together again. The carnage.

Onto Plan C.
Build a fence.
This took up the rest of the day, but a good job was done.

An uncomfortable truce now prevails. And, to tell the truth, it's nice not to have the terrible trio honking and threatening every time we walk down the land. They are now kept firmly in place.

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