Monday, 26 March 2012

A Couple More Cute Piglet Pics

Monday 26th March 2012
Another murky March morning.

Mum's tipped over the water trug again. Looks like a good place to sleep.

The misty morning gave way to a fine day with temperatures reaching 20. Unfortunately I was stuck at work for much of it, but the change to British Summer Time does mean I get a few hours to work in the garden when I get home. Reshaping veg beds was the order of the evening, interrupted by a Short-eared Owl hunting along the dykes. You're probably getting tired of me telling you every time I see an owl, but I just find them remarkable creatures and think they deserve a mention whenever I am lucky enough to see one.
Forgot to mention, I saw a Red Kite floating over Wisbech yesterday. Surely only a matter of time before I see one in the skies over the farm.

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