Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pig-headed Pigs

Sunday 12th February 2012
Another stunner of a sunrise.

A big thank you to Jan and Phil
for lending us their nice, shiny
livestock trailer.
The Plan
Everything was planned for moving Squiggle and Curl out of their pen, down the land and into the trailer.

John would lead them
along a carefully prepared corridor...

...straight into the waiting trailer

They would eagerly and obediently follow John... 

(2:49pm) - No, not back that way!

...who would lure them with a bucket of food along a carefully prepared corridor into the trailer. 
Half way along was a gate which could be closed to secure that part of the journey...

(3:18pm) - This grass looks nice

...then Sue would need to run ahead to the next gate as the pigs trotted along behind John.

Then round the corner by the stables, where a second gate would confine them in a small courtyard with only one place to go - up the straw-covered ramp and straight into the trailer...


(3:23pm) - Come on, it really is very nice in here!

(3:30pm) - Even the cat's joined in the fun.

(3:41pm) we-re all getting bored waiting now,
even the cat.

whereupon John could escape via the door at the front, Sue could close the back gate of the trailer, and the pigs could settle into their new home for the night, ready for a little journey first thing in the morning.

(4:07pm) - did I say "straight into the trailer?"

(4:08pm) You didn't tell us there was food in here.

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