Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New homes for new arrivals

Monday 20th February 2012

Tuesday 21st February 2012

Wednesday 22nd February 2012
A few days of mixed weather, so I chose to get stuck in to a couple of not very exciting indoor jobs. Gerald, the boar still on loan to us, can not go back to his farm yet but nor can he stay with Daisy, who is only a couple of weeks off giving birth now. This time round we are much more sure than last time. We are experienced pig breeders now!

This necessitated a reorganisation of the stables and a thorough clean of the room which will become Daisy's nursery block. At this time of year, it will be safer for the piglets to begin their lives snuggled in a pile of straw sheltered from the elements. After a week or so, when they are more ready to stand on their own two feet, I will attempt to take Daisy and her litter down to the pig enclosure. This will provide photo opportunites, entertainment and anxiety in equal measures.

Not long to go now. Look at those udders.
There is also a chance that we will soon be acquiring five geese. They have appeared in a friend's garden, are reportedly tame, and no-one is claiming them. I've been doing my research and it seems all they need is grass, an old bath and a small room in which to take shelter for the night. If I move the log pile and coal store I can just about give them a room in the stables.

The end product.
They really did taste good, all the better knowing that
we had 'grown' them from seed.
I then set to work on the garage, which is where I will be storing our produce. It's not entirely sealed from the elements, so walls needed hoovering of cobwebs - when we first moved here we were astonished at the amount of wildlife, most obviously manifested by the numerous silken webs which festoon walls, windows and ceilings - and the mess left by the swallows needed clearing away.

Meanwhile, Elvis is vigorously guarding her six eggs. They are due to hatch in about a week.
The only other fowl allowed near her is the youngest guineafowl, which until now has refused to accept its enforced independence. Elvis has clearly moved on. Girl Guinea is so last year!
I now need to close the door and let Elvis have the coop and run for herself. Space for the others has become a bit more limited, so I spent a very profitable morning fixing up the coop which twice got it's roof ripped off by the high winds a few weeks ago. Chicken Village now restored to its former glory.

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