Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Apparently A Pig has Two Legs!

Wednesday 15th February 2012
The Reed Bunting spent four days at the bird table, but seems to have gone now. My guess it that it probably wasn't well. Hopefully the feasting I provided may just have helped it survive. For some reason, some species are just more wary of people than others. Why the buntings don't use the feeders more regularly I do not know.

Received a call from the butcher early morning, just confirming how we want the pigs cut. I'd asked for half a pig to go for bacon, and 6 legs to be boned and rolled for the pub to use in their carvery. I was informed that a pig only has 2 legs! This is, of course, from the point of view of a butcher, who refers to the front ones as hands. I should have clicked onto this before placing my order. You learn something every day.

Sue asked me today if I'd deliberately put a Whitney Houston line in her Valentine's card yesterday. (I will always love you) It must have got into my head I guess! It was our 26th Valentine's day together, so it gets hard to be original after a while.

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